Hot Ass Spanking for Amber Dawn 6 months Ago, 98 Views, 0 Comments

  Amber Dawn makes her debut at Triple A Spanking, the first time she has helped participate in a spanking production outside of her own network of websites. We were honored to finally meet her after being a huge fan of her work since she first started online over 10 years ago! This first film we are showing is also rather special as it features Amber taken to a tearful limit, something we had not expected but it shows what a true lifestyler she really is. Amber is a beautiful redhead, smartly dressed and looking to impress her Parole Officer for a special meeting he has called privately at his place as he is trying to help her avoid jailtime after her latest parole violation. She accepts his harsh punishment as a final chance to remain free. What you will see is a hard tearful spanking, with Amber looking incredibly sexy in her stockings, laid out over his lap. Her bubble butt is spanked over her delicate panties then bared and reddened with his hand. The next part of her punishment is with her laid out on the sofa, her already sore red bottom is given a wicked strapping with 2 leather implements which bring tears to her eyes. For the final part of this unique punishment, Amber is reminded and scolded about the consequences of breaking her parole violations again, then given several hard strokes of the rattan cane which brings total contrition. You'll see her tears and that this punishment is actually an emotional spanking film we are sure you will all appreciate from a special debut appearance from one of our long time spanking crushes, Amber Dawn!   CLICK HERE for an awesome free AMBER DAWN GALLERY!!!!

FIRM HAND SPANKING in Denim for Amelia Jane Rutherford 6 months Ago, 110 Views, 0 Comments

leather strapping for amelia jane rutherford

Love this movie with the uber sexy Amelia Jane Rutherford getting spanked and strapped across her cute ass in a tight pair of denim jeans before being made to take them off for a spanking otk followed by more of the leather strap until her butt is red hot and sore - great movie. CLICK HERE for a free preview of this spanking movie and much more!!!

TRIPLE A SPANKING for Kami Robertson 6 months Ago, 71 Views, 0 Comments

kami robertson spanking

Put together sexy lingerie, fishnet stockings and one of the UK’s best spanked ladies in Kami Robertson and what have you got? A great spanking movie and no mistake. Regulars to this here little spank blog know that I whitter on like an old woman about how great Kami and her splendid bottom are so it’ll come as no surprise that I love these latest pix from AAA SPANKING a fucking lot! Awesome sauce and well worth checking out on their excellent website. Sign up as a member and see some top quality spanking stuff. Click the pix or link below to see more exclusive preview pix from this fantastic new spank movie.  FREE GALLERY - Click here for more of Kami Robertson

GIRL ON GIRL American Gigi Allens Spanking 6 months Ago, 98 Views, 0 Comments

gigi allens spanking

Don’t usually do a lot of girl on girl spanking scene’s on this blog but this new update at CLARE FONDA’S GIRL SPANKS GIRL is just too damned good to miss. The latest scene from Girl Spanks Girl this week features Cheyenne Jewel and Gigi Allens in “The Nurse and Stewardess”. In Part One, Flight Attendant Gigi’s physical examination with nurse Cheyenne is not going so well and the no-nonsense nurse decides a spanking is in order. As well as the spanking there is a shot in the butt, rectal temperature reading and lesbian strap-on sex. But after all that Gigi dishes out some justice to Cheyenne and breaks the hairbrush over her bottom in this hard and sexy scene. American women sure do have really spankable arses.  CLICK HERE for an awesome free Gigi Allens gallery!

Bare Ass spanking for bad girl Alison Miller 6 months Ago, 76 Views, 0 Comments

Alison Miller’s bouncing bubble butt is always a hit at Firm Hand, so what better way to celebrate her bootylicious buns than taking a series of spanking challenges!See Alison talk about her favorite - and most dreaded! - implements to John Friday and go longer, harder and more serious with every spanking.Full Reaction Cam replay too: can’t wait! CLICK HERE for more hot FIRM HAND SPANKING previews!!!

FIRM HAND SPANKING for Katya Nostrovia 6 months Ago, 101 Views, 0 Comments

Called out of the shower wet and naked, Katya Nostrovia can see the paddle in Sugar Daddy John Friday’s hand.She was making dinner and started a fire in the kitchen.Now John fires up her bouncing buttocks with a wooden paddle for a full 14 swats. “The paddle is always bad but on a wet, bare butt it’s evil,” she laughs. Reaction Cam replay! CLICK HERE to check out the excellent FIRM HAND SPANKING USA